Can't retrieve DVD data

Hi I am new and need help. I am also not sure if this has been asked before but I really need so help so if it has sorry for the inconvenience.

I reassembly wrote some avi files to BenQ 16X DVD+R Printable disc’s.

Out of the 10 or so discs written with Nero 6 only on 2 I can retrieve the data the rest all looks like blank disc. As the dumbest person I know now I deleted the date before checking the discs. So I have been reading the forums and tried ISObuster and CDRoller to no avail. I also thought I didn’t finalized the discs and tried to write a small txt file to see if that will work but Nero doesn’t even pick up the disc. When I look at the disc I can see that it wrote something but as I said my Pc and multiple others just don’t see the data. Can any one help?

Please use the nero infotool to generate a report on your system - with one of the discs in your drive.

It looks like the classic symptoms of poor quality media.

  1. Try using a liteon drive to read the discs, they are excellent readers and are pretty tolerant of poor quality/badly written discs.
  2. Don’t use cheap media. Generally TY or MCC are recommended as they are hassle free. Check the media forum for the latest recommendations for other decent quality discs.
  3. Don’t burn above 12x.