Can't reply to news stories on main page?




Some months back there was information for members that they may need to register their logon in a certain way to be able to post replies on news stories - I did this and an email reply said I was properly registered and should have no problems.

Well, I can post in the forums but my nick / password is not accepted for replying on the news breaking stories.

I was trying to post a reply to the Winamp / MP3Pro topic, basically,


The Fruanhoffer codec in the radium package is flawed - it has a terrible bug in the high-end processing.

Check out and the anlysis section.

Anything that is 2 years old cant be a touch on more recent lame builds - which imho is the best normal mp3 encoding there is.


Can any mod reply and explain what is wrong. Many thanks.



There is a separate registration for the mainpage and forum.
You have to register at both to be able to post on this forum and on the mainpage.

When you do register, make sure that the login at both are the same, as well as the other details of your profile (for example your password).

When you have done that, you should be able to post your replies on the mainpage as well as on this forum