Can't remove region code

Hi, I installed AnyDVD to remove the region 1 code on my Sports Illustrated 2005 swimsuit, so I could play it on my ( UK ) region 2 DVD recorder. I ticked the boxes clicked Okay, it said wait a moment. I removed from drive and tried it in my recorder but I still get incompatible region message. Have I done something wrong?


Will the Player in the UK play NTSC format? That player may only play the PAL format and this is very different than removing region codes.

Yes and it plays adult DVDs from the US. I checked the status of the disc and it showed “media is locked to region 1”

AnyDVD only “removes” the region code while either playing on your computer or during the process of backing up you DVD. It does nothing to the Commerical pressed disc itself…

Okay, thanks bilbo. I have DVDshrink is it easy to make a back up the original with region code removed? AnyDVD runs in the back ground while I start the back up process, so copy will be region free, is this correct?

The copy would be region free.

Thanks for your help guys.