Can't remove Nero 6 Reloaded Demo


I recently installed the Nero 6 Reloaded Demo on my XP pro machine. The demo ran out, and I decided to reinstall an earlier version of Nero that I own. I uninstalled the demo and reinstalled my copy (which is nero 6.0something, but earlier). However, whenever I try to start up my old Nero, it says that my demo has expired and won’t let me continue. I tried deleting all of the Ahead/Nero files in my program files and other places, but it still shows up. Is there some hidden file that Nero has placed on my disk that i can delete to restore my machine to its pre-Nero Demo days? thanks


Hi :slight_smile:
You could try Nero’s own clean tool, found on their w/s.

I’ve tried the clean tool, but it didn’t help. Thanks though.


Have you deleted the files in program files/common/ahead and in documents and settings/user name/application data as well.
You may have to manually edit the registry as Ive found that even using the clean tool it doesnt remove everything.