Can't Remove a MP3 file from my system

Can someone advise me on a problem I seem to be having with a mp3 file I downloaded last night. I believe that it is corrupt and it will not allow me to remove it and it doesn’t allow me any of the usual options for removal; just the open, open with, send to, etc. but no delete function. I’ve tried all that I know to get it to the recycle bin. With that I’m starting to get worried as to whether I should conduct any business on the system. I need someone’s help ASAP… I’d appreciate it.:confused:

Probably it is Windows that is trying to read the file for the preview.

Try this. Close any window and then press the start button and select “Run”. Type [B]cmd[/B].

Type the path to the folder where is located the file. Then type [B]del namefile[/B] where namefile is the name of the mp3 file you want to remove.

This should solve .

Greetings Guru…

Thank you for your response… I’ve tried the run>cmd> and I lost from there. Tried the folder name, but that was an error. Could you please instruct me more specifically about the path name. Forgive my ignorance, it’s obvious I’m a Newbie… I’ll keep tinkering until I hear back from you… I will also stay on line in case you become available for a chat regarding this…

Again; I appreciate you…


I’ve tried the C:\my documents and settings\ etc. route if that is what your talking about as being the path of the file. The message I get is after entering all the info is "is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Click Start->Run and put cmd in the box. Hit enter. Now you are at a consoloe window. Type

del “C:\Documents and Settings\Rich\Documents\My Music\Sample Music\deleteme.mp3”

With the quotes. Change the path and file name of course.