Can't remember can I D/L new version of I Click overtop?

I am still using and see that members are talking about a newer version. Can I D/L directly overtop or do I have to uninstall. I know that I can D/L the new version of Any DVD overtop as I am still running the older version and i remember doing that before
I just got back and started reading the forums.
It looks like there can be problems with these 2 programs though in some of my reading here.
A member said spyware may cause a problem? Could you please comment on any compatibility issues before I start downloading as all of these programs worked fine before I left and sometimes changes cause mega problems and I don’t want that.
I thought I better post before I do anything. Also wondered about whether I can D/L overtop of Clone DVD as I am with the old version there as well.
Should I reboot after and i guess I should check to see if there is new firmware for my BenQ 162I external burner as well. There hasn’t been since purchase but it is possible.
I would appreciate comments, thankyou.
After you don’t use the software for awhile you forget what you can D/L overtop and which one you have to remove and D/L.

You can install overtop with no problem. When that’s not ok, typically the new 1Click version will install itself into a new folder.

I am not a great computer user. If in the future or at anytime it goes into another folder do you have to create a new shortcut and uninstall the former version, sorry for the silly question; but i am fairly new to using computers in the sense of folders etc. I am teaching myself via reading books, this is me>> :o
I apologize for the silly question.

The time I have seen this happen, it installed a new shortcut for the new version, and the older one remained as well. After a while I uninstalled the older version.