Can't register New 5.0 version from 3.0 version

Well, to start off with, I bought the software originally because they had the gaurantee that we wouldn’t have to pay for future upgrades. So, back in November of 2007 I bought the software.

Now then, I know most people have already upgraded to the new version, but I travel a LOT and don’t spend too much time in front of the cpu. Last time I came home a couple of weeks ago, I went to make sure all my programs were updated (as they were way outdated) and noticed that the dvdfab ver3 wasn’t updating, so I go to the website and read about how they changed the policy on not having to pay for updates, but that the people that had bought it before a certain date were exempt, and I fell under that category.

I clicked on the link to get a new registration key and they finally sent me one after several attempts at getting one, and it’s the same registration key as what they originally sent me. (Yes, I still have the original email order number from november 2007)

I uninstalled the old version and then installed the new 5.0 version, have even tried the latest beta version that I read about on here 5.09 or something like that, but all I get is the free version. When I install the registration key, it does restart the program, but then it starts right back up and up top says that my registration key has expired.

Now then, read thru this forum a little bit, and then I did a clean uninstall like was suggested, I did every step EXCEPT taking anything out of the registry.

I am getting the same results. Please help, as the trial version is ok, but I can’t use the mobile option to cut movies to put on my Ipod, and as I stated I travel a LOT. :confused:


Now that I think about it, when I requested my key on the web page, I dropped down the box that was displaying ver5 and changed it to ver3 (as that’s what I had originally bought)

Maybe I should have left the box on the ver5 and requested the key then? I will try that now and see if they send me a different registration key to get this to work.:o

Yep, that was it! I messed up when I sent for the registration key, and should have left the box on ver5. Got the new reg key, and all is well! Thanks for looking!

Now that is what I like to see a Self helper :bigsmile:
Welcome to the club :flower: …Club CD Freaks :wink: