Cant recover DATA/Mp3 from DVD?



hello every one i am new to this fourm so i hop i dont make any of you mad any ways here is my proplem.

i copy’d My music folder on a dvd ( 4.7 GIG ) using easy cd creater 7 burnd it under MP3 ( file system cdfs ) dont know what that means, now am traying to recover some Song’s from the dvd CD but i cant it gives me this erorr when i tray to copy them from the dvd to my hard drive ( Cannot copy XXXXX. the request could not be preformed because of an I/O device ERROR ) any one knows why its doing this to me ??


bad burn possibly. can you see the files in windows explorer?


yes i can


That really sucks, I had similar problems myself recovering some old cream classics, and underground stuff that could probably never be found again. I recovered a few with CD Roller and IsoBuster, but after a few nights work, I gave up and threw away the defective discs.

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Id try to extract with ISO Buster


NON of those works !!! i trayed Itunes to Import the Songs it only Imported 330 out of 1003 !!! after 24 Hrs i can see the DVD and the SOngs in it RealPlayer trays to Copy them too but it freez’s and that happens with Itunes too but it Unfres’s some times and keeps riping them. all am looking for is a Program that will Copy the Mp3s from the DVD cd. can any One Please help me here ??


Did you follow nmpaulcp’s suggestion and try ISObuster? What is your DVD drive? Perghaps it is nota good reader and you could try recovering the files on a friend’s computer - hopefully his drive is better at it. BenQ DW1620 has a reputation for being a very good reader.


YES i did AND ISObuster took 5 Days TO Rip/recover the mp3 i Decided to Stop it because it only went throw 2.5 gig of Music and i hade 2.2 gig Left on the DVD CD so it was going to take me 10 Days to do the Whole thing well after i stopped it I played the MP3 Songs that it recover and it was A bunch of crap Mp3 songs keeps Skipping like they where played on a CD player it SUcked Please some one tell me that am Doing something wrong.


oh yeah and MY DVD/CD Writer is Pioneer DVR-a08 it is like the Benq DW u toled me about. :slight_smile:


ok since some of those Programs Workd but they didnt do the Job that i wanted them to do they Faild in my case so here it gose Again. since i didnt delet OR formated my Hard drive is thier any programs that will Recover the deleted DATA from the the Trash bin OR any ways to recover it ?? i know its NOT impossbile to recover them from the hard drive but what Program will do that any one Knows ?? thanks in advance.


Thye data should still be there provided you did not thoroughly defrag or fill up the drive to the capacity. I recommend Easy Recovery Professional.


well am back after 7 months LOL this is funy the reson it wont let me read the DATA Out of the DVD is because of the IDE cabel i replaced it and Had no Proplem after that just to let every one know after all this time :smiley:


That’s nice.