Can't record with new LG DVD recorder

I just purchased a new LG LRA-750 DVD recorder. I bought this as a replacement for my older Lite-On recorder that decided it didn’t want to recognize discs anymore.

The LRA-750 appears to be an excellent recorder and I thought all was working great until the last couple of times I set the machine to record the Sopranos on HBO overnight. When I tried to play back the show the next day the blank DVD was still blank.

I finally sat down with the thing and discovered that if I try to record anything from HBO (or any of the premium movie channels on DishNet) I get a “Copy protected. Cannot Record.” error. Recording regular network TV works fine.

I called LG to complain and they said something about respecting the copyrights of certain networks and some such garbage. I explained to them that my old inferior Lite-On recorder would record anything without complaint. They didn’t seem to care. When I said I planned to return the recorder because of this “flaw” they hung up on me!

Is there any way to over-ride this copy protection? If I change the input on the recorder from component to coax will that make a difference?

I really hate to return this recorder because it supports DiVx files and really seems like a nice machine. Too bad I can’t record everything I’d like.

If anyone is considering purchasing a LG DVD recorder they had better think twice if they believe they’ll be able to record everything on TV.

Hi, scylla22 I’m in the same situation here…I bought a LG LRA-750 because my Lite-On recorder decided to stop recognize discs anymore. Anyway, about your problem you might try to use a VR mode formatted disc. Maybe HBO broadcast “copy-once” signal and using VR will fix your problem…good luck !


I had the [I]exact [/I] same problem.
To copy everything you like, try Sima GoDVD.

Sima will reproduce a Non protected signal. Allowing you
to copy everything. :slight_smile:

Imagin… no more copying not allowed messenges from your DVD recorder. :slight_smile:

I too had lite on and gave it back as it gave me disc problems too, also like you I bought the LG-LRA750, haven’t tried it yet but it has excellent features. HBO did announce previously that they started copy protection signals…only the low budget machines can escape the signals, but not LG and many others, as they are licensed to work with copy rights companies, just wait for other channels to play the sopranos…

What is Sima GoDVD.

Is it a DVD recorder or a decoder


Sima GoDVD is:
an innovative digital video enhancer that makes it easy for consumers to protect their home video and DVD libraries. Connected between any playback source (VCR, camcorder or DVD player) and a DVD recorder, the GoDVD! enhancer quickly and easily restores and transfers old videos to the superior and long-lasting DVD format. Additionally, owners of pre-recorded DVD movies will have the ability to create a fair use back-up copy of their original DVD.

I figured it out yesterday, bought one last night and it WORKS.

Kudos for Macrovision3500.

Thank you

Other equipments that removes [B]CGMS-A[/B] and [B]Macrovision[/B]:

[B]Note:[/B] The last one i think only removes Macrovision…


This [B]LG LRA-750[/B] are sold in Canada right?

In Brazil LG will lauch [B]LG DR-175[/B] (i think is same as DR-175 UK model)

DR-175 don´t have the following options found in LRA-750:

-DVD-RAM (and Time Shift)

But basically it seems to be the same recorder.

Except for the “problem” with CPRM + CGMS-A in LG LRA-750, did you find another type of problem in the recorder?

Do you think that this LG model is good like Panasonic DMR-ES15?

[B]The 2006 line of LG dvd recorders are using LSI Logic chipsets:[/B]

[B]The 2005 Line was using Cirrus Logic:[/B]


I have recently bought a DR175 here, in Spain. It is my first one. I have only tried the basic things. Its major weakness may be that its TV tuner, hence the records too, have poor, little vivid colors; but I don’t know if it’s just that a mainstream device like this is not supposed to compete with my TV set (a good old and hard to beat Sony Trinitron).

dvd-rw’s recorded by the DR175 have file format compatibility problems with PC drives at least, but I don’t know if this is general among these devices. dvd+rw’s are read flawlessly by PC’s, so it is not a real problem once you know it :slight_smile: .


Thank you for your impressions on [B]LG DR-175[/B].

Regarding DVD-RW, the media was finalized before you try to read it in PC? (DVD+RW doesnt need finalization)

The media was recorded in VR mode or Video mode? (for compatibility with other devices, Video mode is more indicated)

[B]Below, some other opinions on LG DR-175:[/B]

“Don’t buy this produc if you wish to play mpeg files in an ISO DVD. This format is not supported and there is no firmware update yet. Its a pity because the rest of the device is OK. I will return it to the retailer soon.”

“From what I’ve tried of the machine so far I am very impressed with. Burns DVD-R and +R fine and fully readable by my PC and stand alone Sony DVD player (+R’s need initialising first as said above). I’ve not tried timer recordings (but never intended to) or Dv link recordings (but will be receiving a 4 pin to 4 pin firewire cable tomorrow from ebuyer) yet, but it ticks all the boxes of the features I needed (RGB in via Scart, optical digital audio out, DivX playback and cheap).”

[B]Users of LG 2006 recorders, post your opinions.[/B]


INSIGNIA NS-DVDR1 DVD Recorder (LG DR-175 clone)

This multiformat DVD recorder can take on your favorite home movies, TV shows and more. The slim design easily tucks into tight spaces.

Stumped over which features to choose? Our DVD Player Buying Guide can help.

Plays DVD, DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, WMA, JPEG, DivX and XviD formats

Progressive-scan video output maximizes the picture quality when used with a digital TV or monitor

[B]Product Features[/B]

DTS decoder and 3D surround sound bring you a cinematic audio experience

Super-slim design (2-1/10") easily fits into a home theater system

54MHz/10-bit video digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion

192kHz/24-bit audio digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion

Zoom feature allows for magnification of select areas

Inputs: Composite video, A/V, S-video, DV, audio, RF

Outputs: analog audio, optical digital audio, coaxial digital audio, composite video, S-video, component, audio

On-screen display allows you to choose from English, French, Spanish and Portuguese; commercial skip and parental lock for added convenience

Standard remote included

Manual (pdf):

The “brazilian” LG DR-175:

In US INSIGNIA NS-DVDR1 costs around US$100…(and Samsung DVD-R130, US$140…)


I heard if you set a manual recording, it will get around the copy protection. Don’t know if that will work, but it’s worth a try.

I had bought an LG DR1F9H and tried manual recording on HBO. Would not work either. I ended up taking it back and got a LiteOn that records with no problems. The LG did have more features, but I’m still happy with the LiteOn.

-RW problem seems to be resolved in new fw. I have tested this and PC can read -RW media now.

I have also Stand Alone DVD Recorder Pioneer DVR RT500 less than year old have no problem what so ever in copying TV programming from HBO, Cinemax or any analog or digital channel. BTW while I was browsing this thread I did record to programs one from HBO and another from ABC HD to make sure my situation has not been changed recently which I had no problem recording them.

My girlfriend purchased me the LG RC199H because of all the neat features - vhs to dvd dubbing ( both ways ), support of memory cards from camcorders and HD compatability for my birthday.

Unfortunately the experience has been a bad one for the past two months since its purchase compared to my good old Mitsubishi VCR.

The main problem has been reliability


  1. Timer recordings never work unless you format the DVD and leave the power on. If you set the timer and power off, it has problems reading the DVD when it powers on and attempts three records before it gives up. The DVD read and hello messages appear continuosly

  2. Cannot record from hbo and starz - what’s up with that? works fine with my vcr. If I pop a prerecorded vhs tape in ( from hbo ) and try to dub that, also does not work and get the copy protected message. Any premium channel appears to be copyrighted. This is a huge problem. How does one record directly to DV from hbo??? the SIMA godvd will let you do vhs to dvd , but not cable provider to dvd. I can record from ESPN and other sports channels which was my primary concern, but hey - I want to tape a good movie when I’m not home.

  3. DVD Disc recognition. You always have to leave a few blank minutes to avoid the finalization problem. I can finalize great with two or 3 minutes left on the dvd, but if you get the full message, good luck finalizing. Took me 8 attempts over 4 days to finalize a football game. I was very angry about this.
    Some full DVDs cannot be finalized and had to toss them. Very upset. Also - only the finalized dvds will play on your pc when traveling or on other non LG machines.

  4. It tends to vibrate and hum lightly when the power is on. None of my old equipment does this. It appears to be toe cooling fan.

  5. quality of speeds - xp,sp,lp and ep.
    The ep lets you record 6 hours - quality is horrible.
    For tv, movies and music the 4 hour ( lp ) speed seems ok
    for sports - you must use thre 2 hour sp speed or you will be very dissapointed, unfortuntaley this means being around when the game is on and switching DVDs at halftime to put in a new one.

Needless to say, I think DVD recorders have a long way to go before they are as reliable and easy to use as the best VCRs.

My three main issues are:

  1. ability to record hbo etc ( premium channels )
  2. ability to power on , record and power off w/o issue
  3. quality of recording speed for the 6 hour mode ( terrible ) compared to the 4 and 2 hour modes when compared to VHS.

Would appreciate any feedback people have on:

  1. how to get around the hbo issue for this recorder hooked to a cable source
  2. a listing of recorders that do not recognize HBO signal
  3. comments on the power on/off issue. It always trys to record once te power starts, while the dvd is still being read, on many of these recorders that takes time. Only solution appears to be to read and format the dvd, and leave power on for the record session.

Thank you for your informations.

Some broadcasts in US now contain Copy Control signals:

New dvd recorders has CPRM implemented and recognizes this copy controls signals, not allowing to record some programs.

Your cable tv system works only with a coaxial cable (conected directly to your LG) or has a cable box with AV out?

If you have a cable box with A/V out, you can try to input your SIMA godvd between cable box video out (SVideo) and DVD Recorder SVideo IN, to try to remove copy control signals.

But one problem: Does LG RC199H only has SVideo input in front?


LG DVD Recorders know to have problem recording any none commercial programs (Digital cable programs) I would rather to stay away from LG or Insignia.

thanks guys,

I will try a sima in between the cable box and the dvd recorder ( good call ), the cable box does have both the coaxial and red/yellow/white capabilities. I will let you know of that works.

Needless to say, I was curious to know the name of a good recorder ( non LG ) that you would all recommend. I would stay clear of LG if you want to record premium channels or user timer recording - too much work.

As for it’s dubbing and camcorder capabilities - those are great, but these bells and whistles come at the expense of essential basics.

thanks again