Can't record video on GoVideo DVD+R or DVD+RW

I just bought a new GoVideo R6750 DVD Recorder which uses DVD+R or DVD+_RW discs for recording. I set it up so my TIVO unit outputs to one of the video inputs of my new unit. I have tried twice to record from my TIVO unit to this new recorder without success. The first time I tried to record a movie on the DVD+RW disc supplied with the unit. After completing the recording, the R6750 says the recorded disc is an invalid disc. I then tried to record a 1 hour show from the TIVO and used timer recording in 6 hour record mode on a DVD+R disc. Again the same problem resulted.

I did notice for sure in the second case that the power in my home went off and then back on while the recording was being made and I think the same thing probably happened the first time when I tried to record to a DVD+RW disc.

Please help if you have any ideas what might be wrong.

Check your instruction manual, but I believe you need to close the dvd out by following a specific set of instructions, before you can read the dvd.