Can't record vhs tape, get message similar to 'copy protected'-Please help?



Hi there, im desperately trying to record an old vhs tape to my Lite-On hard drive but get the message that it is copy protected, am i right in thinking i need to burn a CD with upgraded/modification software please?
Thanks in advance-Buel


Simple answer is you need a Video stabilizer.Dimax Grex is a good one.


Hi, thanks for that, i am i wrong when i say i remember on the cdfreaks forum a year or two back the answer was to upgrade/crack the firmware?


I doubt there is a firmware crack that will make your Lite-On hard drive ignore the copy protection . If someone knows it they will possibly post.
Some have removed copy protection with certain capture cards the Hauppauge of certain models being one.If you can still find one that does.
Basically they ignore rather than remove the Macrovision.
The grex is still the best one IMO & I haven’t used the cheaper Dimax model Red Pro.For only 10 dollars difference I would get the grex.


Hey thanks for that!! Can i ask what exactly a ‘grex’ is? (Sorry, im in the uk and dont get some of the lingo on here!)
Thanks again-Buel


Sure heres a link:


Many thanks again!!