Can't record! Macrovision HELP!



Ok, this is my setup: I have a Mustek DVD Recorder, and I’m trying to record an original VHS. When I hit the RECORD buttom, “CP” appears at the lower corner of my screen. But if I stop the VHS from playing, then the Mustek recorder can record the TV programming just fine… my friend told me that there’s Macrovision protection involved… but from a VCR to DVD?? How can I get around it? Please help!!


Sadly, Macrovison protection works very well with video products. The only way you can circumvent it is to find a DVD recorder that will let you flash the ROM with a modified BIOS that allows you to disable Macrovision protection. More sadly, those are extremely hard to find. Macrovision is encoded into the recordings, but it’s all controlled and read by your hardware. If you want to stop it, you have to change the hardware.

Somebody may have some links to sites they can post (sorry, I don’t) or you could try Googling something like “crack Macrovision” or “disable Macrovision” to find sites with info or hardware models that can be modified.


hi look at (without the - 's in place) once there search for Remove Macrovision, there are a number of discusions on products that succesfully remove this protection.


Here’s my setup again: OUTPUT from VCR, INPUT to DVD Recorder… I mean, when I play the VHS, the recorder won’t record… but when I stop the VHS (TV Programming is being transmitted over instead), it can record the TV Programmings…

I tried using RCA connection or simple coxial connection… both had the same result… is it really caused by Macrovision?


yes it is. see thread,macrovision. read whole
thread, look for #bulldog# third post he confirms VHS to DVD recorder and success with the lead he used. Try looking at the lead manufactorers site as well, or contacting them direct.


you could use a macrovision buster maplins in the uk used to sell them but not any more due to eu laws they called it a scart enhancer


well i placed an order online but they only asked for my billing info… is that gonna be my shipping info too?


I would assume so, unless they state otherwise.


One other solution is to have a digital VCR.
Another is a hacked DVD player.
Lastly you need lots of luck… but then again thats with anyhting in life. :wink: