Can't record any sound using Audacity?

I have this problem with my other computer, and it’s a vista.

I have the programm installed, and ready to go. When I want to record, I hit the “record button” but all I get is a straight line.

It’s not picking up any audio.

Ideas? This ever happen to you?

I use Audacity, but not in Vista, so don’t know if I’m much help…

First thing is, what audio input are you trying to record from and what type of audio are you trying to record? (Streamed audio, line input radio / tape etc)

Next, is to check the Windows audio settings to make sure that the volume indicators are set properly and that none of them are muted by default.

well my playback is called microsoft sound mapper - ouput

and my recording is called microsoft sound mapper - input.

I’m trying to record a certain length of music from an mp3, to create a ringtone for my phone.

This doesn’t help with your Audacity problem, but if all you want is to clip a piece of an MP3 file, use MP3 DirectCut. It’s also free.

:confused: Audacity is usually used to record streamed audio, or to edit/manipulate wave files - which can then be exported as an mp3 file if you have LAME.

If you already have an mp3 file of the audio that you want to use, then it sounds like you just need to convert the mp3 to some other format that your phone will use rather than using Audacity…

Maybe you should post what you are actually trying to do in a lot more detail?
Also, what file format do you need for the phone?

Well I figured out another way to work with the tone, but I have another issue with recording.

I also wanted to use audacity to record music from a dvd that I would like to export as an mp3 to listen too.

But when I hit record, all I get is a straight line.

You’ll probably need another program to rip the audio from a DVD. Try using Search, this question has been asked many times (I don’t know one offhand).

Hi Cressida - Where have you been hiding recently? :bigsmile:

I think there’s a thread on VOB to Mp3 in general software right now.

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Audacity can also manipulate and edit MP3 files :slight_smile:

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Hi again B4ronco6 - sorry for slow reply, I wanted to try recording from DVD with Audacity at home to see if it worked for me (never tried it before).
Got a wave form recorded with no problem - I played one of the LOTR DVDs during closing credits and then opened Audacity to record.
Screen shot attached.

There are several ways to control audio so make sure none of them are disabled by default. Audio control in Audacity on top panel, mute button in Audacity on top panel, pc speaker volume control, and windows audio control.
Also, I found that I got a flat line when I was using my headphones, but could record fine when using my regular speakers.
Still not sure why :confused:

Hope this may help :iagree:

Hi mciahel - I’ve not used it much for mp3s, but I guess what I meant was, why use Audacity to record when you already have an mp3? Sounded more like a file conversion issue than a recording issue. Guess I didn’t explain that very well :o :slight_smile:

edit - good to know I can use it to edit mp3s if I need to though.

Im sorry, I’m not very smart with a computer. Where can you find to see if any audio is disabled?

And where are these things located in the top panel?

Thanks Prof. :flower: I’m sure many here would miss you more than me though :wink: .

Think what you did there was an analog rip of the DVD-sound, recording the Line-Out signal that goes to the speakers (so after the sound-chip’s D/A conversion) - sometimes referred to as “What U Hear”. When the soundcard senses the headphones and switches off the speakers, you’ll lose that signal.

[B]B4Bronco6[/B], did you check the links I gave above? They show you how to set up your PC’s Recording Devices in Vista. I don’t think you’ll be able to repeat what [B]Prof. Honeydew[/B] did though. Sound is another thing they tried to improve in Vista, but managed to complicate instead (ask Creative Labs. :bigsmile: ).

Yup, that’s exactly what I did :iagree:

LOL! I didn’t know that, but sounds like a typical “improvement” :bigsmile:
I’ve kept away from Vista so far, so will be totally confused when I finally get to it.

I have to think that there is a much better way to get the audio from a DVD than Audacity though.

Prof.honeydew wrote "I have to think that there is a much better way to get the audio from a DVD than Audacity though."
DVD Decrypter in IFO mode,is my preferred method to extract audio from DVD… :wink: