Can't recognize/burn dvd's



I have 2 drives: a TSST CDW/DVD-TSH492A and a Sony CD-RW CRX320EE. The TSST came with my computer (Compaq Presario SR1503WM), the Sony was added to the expansion slot (it’s only 6 months old). It worked perfectly in my old (dead) computer and my son has the same one his works as well. The Sony is a combo drive and I can burn/listen to CD’s and watch DVD’s but not burn them. It doesn’t even recognize a blank DVD when I insert one. I’ve tried different brands/styles: Memorex DVD-R, Maxell DVD-R and Sony DVD+R (I now have a very large collection of drink coasters).

When I run Nero’s info program, it’s not even recognized as a DVD burner, only as a CD burner. The driver (it only came with Nero software, no driver included) windows uses is from 2001 so I tried “update driver”, no go. I’ve also searched Sony’s site for a driver (it doesn’t even list the CRX320EE as a product) and the internet but there doesn’t seem to be one. I thought of disabling the TSST to see if it’s interfering but when I go to the properties the enable/disable drop down menu is disabled so it’s not even an option. I’ve tried using different software (I really hate Nero) Roxio doesn’t recognize it as a DVD burner & ConvertXtoDVD seems to recognize it as a DVD burner (it will at least tell me I have the wrong kind of Media installed and need to install DVD-R, RW, RAM or DVD+R, RW, RAM) but when I insert a blank disc it doesn’t see it. It can’t be the software because it was doing this before I installed Nero, Roxio or ConvertXtoDVD. I’m really a novice at this and don’t know what to try next. I’m sure there’s things I should check but not sure what to do now.


a combo drive = CD-R/RW and DVD-ROM

you do not have a dvd burner. you have a cd burner/dvd reader.

if you wish to burn dvds you will have to purchase and install a dvd burner.


If you’re hoping to burn DVDs with the Sony, it’s not possible - I believe it’s a combo drive (as you said in your post). Meaning, it reads/burns CDs, but only reads DVD media.

Edit: Haha, Reasons beat me to it :bigsmile:


Indeed, some dealers/sellers and even manufacturers like to confuse the peepz with such “combo” info… Darn them.