Can't receive or send data in Win XP

I have two OSes , Win XP and Win 98.

I can connect to Internet in Win 98 and able to send or receive data. Currenty, I am using 98 to surf the Net.

I can connect to internet in XP but can’t send or receive data. This happens a few days ago after i have installing iMesh and disable a few services.

I remove all the spywares installed using Ad-ware. and iMesh can’t work properly. I uninstall it and I have been using Zone Alarm Pro. I allow all my programs to access the internet but still can’t send or receive data.

I have also tried to install iMesh again but still couldn’t send or receive data. I suspect a spyware called CommonName is preventing me from sending or receiving data. I couldn’t delete the spyware because it is write protected.

I tried to use system restore but failed because I don’t have any restore points.

Is there anything wrong with my settings ? This is the first time I’m experiencing this problem.

you may have all your programs allowed in zone alarm but it may be blocking the ports that the data needs open to flow! Also see if you have enabled xp’s built in firewall there could also be conflicts.

ps What services did you disable?

have you restarted any of the services you disabled?

[QUOTE]I can connect to internet in XP but can’t send or receive data. This happens a few days ago after i have installing iMesh and disable a few services.

connect to the internet as in your internet conneciton works? your browser works? anything works? please clarify, as apparently, you can receive and send data (or else you used a different computer to post your thread :wink: ). by clarify - what programs are you trying to send with?

I can connect to internet using dialup.

My two browsers, IE 6 and Mozilla are working.

All my programs can access the Internet. I can’t download usng Getright, can’t use ICQ.

The connection can’t send or receive any data. I can use Internet properly in Win 98.

I think something is wrong with my XP but I couldn’t fix it. I have try many ways but still could not send or receive any data in Win XP.

I’m using two OSes on the same comp.

imesh is known to ship with the Commonname rubbish, this crap is known to trash internet connectivity.
You could try running LSP-Fix from Here and see if that fixes the internet bit.
As for getting rid of Commonname, you could try a program called ‘HiJack This’ from Here it is known to target Commonname.
Note: you may need to rerun the LSP-Fix after totally removing Commonname.

Thank you very much. I’ll try and see whether I can fix the problems.

I have downloaded the LSPFix program and run it, but I don’t know how to use it. It seems that there is no problem with my Winsock or whatever. I try to use HijackThis to clean the Common Name spyware but failed to do that.Everytime I delete the spywares, commonname, or, those spyware will atomatically return.

I try to delete the Winsock2 registry line to remove some of the spywares and I couldn’t start LSPfix because WinSock2 is missing. I don’t know how to install Winsock 2 bacuse there is no
recovery program in Windows XP.

I suspect that this spyware is blocking me from sending or receiving data from internet.

Zenet rundll32.exeD:\PROGRA~\CommonName\Toolbar\CNBabe.dll,DllStartup

I try to disable this thing from MSCONFIG and System Mechanic but failed. Everytime I delete this spyware, it will automatically load the next time I try to start my computer. I have also try to delete the Common Name folder but some of the files are write-protected. When I click on Uninstall, it would load my browser but my computer can’t send or receive data.

I have also try to start on Safe Mode and try to remove this spyware but failed.

Can anyone recommend any programs to remove this stupid spyware ? Ad-ware and HijackThis has failed me.

Get Startuplist from Here
And send the log it generates here

If you have your XP CD handy you could try running the system file checker.

Go>Start>Run and type “sfc /scannow” (without quotes) then click ok


I think I have sucessfully removed CN Babe or Zenet but I still could send or receive data in Win XP. It seems that there is some program or something which is blocking me from from sending or receiving data.

I am using IE 6 and Mozilla 1.1 for browsers, ICQ for chatting, Getright for download manager and Zone Alarm Pro 3.1 for firewall. I am using Internet Turbo 5.2 to boost my connection.

I scan my PC with NAV 2003 and Adware 5.81 with latest reference file, but I didn’t found any viruses or spywares on my PC. I am not sure waht to do now and the best way is only reformat or reinstall Windows but that will be wasting time.

I think something is wrong with my settings but I can’t fix it because I have tried many ways. I can connect to my ISP with 49.2 Kbps on a dialup connection but can’t send or receive data.

Try disabling/uninstalling Zone Alarm and see if it is that blocking your browsing.

Can you Ping any servers?
Go>Start>Run type “ping” (without quotes)

your browsers are working - no other program’s are…implies something is blocking the ports besides 80…

any idea what is loading the spywares? or are you certain you have this figured out?

I don’t think i can ping any servers. I’ll try to uninstall zone alarm and see whether I can send or receive data.

But I am very sure that something is blocking my internet connection from sending and receiving data.

Originally posted by liteonmania
But I am very sure that something is blocking my internet connection from sending and receiving data.

…on every port but 80 - the http one…i have no idea what you’ve done to get it to the point where it is, but i’d suggest re-installing everything you have taken off, and going from there. then perhaps we can help - as we dont seem to be getting anywhere. please list your windows xp internet settings, as well as any program(s) that you are using to access the internet, and i’ll search my a** off tomorrow, as finals = done then (woo hoo)

I am using either IE or Mozilla 1.1 to access the net. Getright as Download Manager.ICQ for chatting. Zone Alarm for firewall(uninstalled). Internet Turbo 5.2 for connection boost.

I you want me to list my Internet settings, that would be a lot.I am using TCP/IP and Qos Packet Scheduler for my dial-up properties, Windows firewall disabled. Modem properties is 115200 for speed, hardware compression (ext. modem), Standard EC for Modem protocol. I disabled software compression from internet settings and enabled the other two(multilink & ???).

I never changed and IE properties because I seldom use it but I change some settings for Mozilla.

The problem is, it’s not one program that I cannot use but all. I can’t download using Getright, can’t connect to ICQ server.

I don’t know what settings I have changed and suspect that something is blocking my PC from sending or receiving data although I am able to make a connection.

What do you mean by reinstalling everthing ? Reinstalling Windows or Internet programs ?

Have you tried disabling/uninstalling ZoneAlarm?
It sounds like you have the Internet Lock enabled in ZoneAlarm.
Open ZoneAlarm and at the top is a Lock, is it Locked or unlocked?
ZoneAlarm Support

I have uninstalled Zone Alaram Pro.

I am very sure that it got nothing to do with Zone Alarm. If I want to access that net, Zone Alarm will ask for permission but Zone Alarm didn’t ask anything also. It can detect my connection only but didn’t ask for permission to access the net when I am using my broswers.

After reading your said problem with XP i suggest that you try
going to a system restore point prior to when the problems started and hopefully this will give you an idea as to what may have caused the problem(s).


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if your running 2 ops then you must be dual booting so when you installed xp did you enter all your passwords etc in setup of ie,please dont shout at me just trying to help as ive done that in the past.