Can't read\write to cd-r's

Hello folks,

Ok here’s the situation. I recently bought used computer. It’s a Giga-byte ga-7n400 pro 2 mobo, amd sempron 2600 proc. nForce 2 ultra 400 chipset, with 750 mb RAM and an 80 gb drive, its running quite nicely at the moment. When I bought it I went out and bought a Comstar DVD\CD burner (I probably should have bought a better one, this was the cheapest one at Future Shop). Anyways, I brought home the dvd drive, installed it and booted up a WinXP cd and installed no problem. But now, after having installed all the drivers for the chipset, vid card, snd etc. I can no longer read the cd’s, even the same one I installed the OS with! I believe this has something to do with the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller which I’ve installed the “NVIDIA NForce2 spp igp ata Controller” driver for. I think this might be the root of the problem because I started experimenting with it. When I boot up with my bootable cd in the drive it just skips right past it and boots WinXP, I removed the driver and it seemed to actually try to read the cd but couldn’t read it properly and kind of froze until I opened the dvd door and it stopped trying to boot the cd and booted into Windows. Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. Sorry about the long post but I wanted to get all the details in there.

Uninstall the nForce IDE drivers.

yeah I did, I installed the ‘standard dual channel PCI IDE controller’ but it still doesn’t work. Any other ideas?