Cant read windows disc

Hey guys,

Well I just wrote a couple of really funny paragraphs introducing myself in a kind of “breaking the ice” kind of way, but I lost the lot when I realised I hadn’t logged in. Sigh… So I’d just like to to take the time to welcome myself to the forums…thanks very much, great to be here… and I hope we can all help you as we go along. Me too. Very good of you all. Right then…

My Liteon SOHW-812s will not read my Windows disc. Nor my Norton disc. Very odd behaviour. Nor can I read any data discs that were created either for me or by me. But the situation gets weirder as I am fully able to read every game disc I own, including both DVD’s and CD’s. Both modern (ie GRAW) or old (ie Op Flaspoint), without issue.

The background to this is I had internet access some months ago at a friends place and contracted a dodgy virus, W32.Myzor.FK@yf, which I have since removed, but this has left me seemingly with my problem. I only discovered this as I was intending to format my drive and start again now I’ve gotten net access at home again. Hell, I probably still would if I could read the disc. It will spin as if searching for it when I insert it, but quickly decides there is nothing there. A properties query on the D:\ drive reveal nothing. Same with Norton. Game discs though will progress through autorun no probs.

I have tried a firmware upgrade from Codeguys but this made no difference. All suggestions gratefully received.


have you tried a different drive (if possible) to rule out it being a windows problem?

A firmware update will make no difference here.

Uninstall tools like InCD, DLA, Alcohol, CloneCD, Dameon Tools…

Have no different drive to try unfortunately. Chef, can you elaborate mate? Are you suggesting I mount an image of Norton/Windows. Is this still possible if I cant read a disc? Something I’m missing clearly.


I think chef is suggesting that you get rid of (‘uninstall’) any applications in the little list that he gives. These have been known to interfere with conventional CD/DVD writing/reading.

Oh, have just re-read. Yeah I dont use any of them so I dont think this is an issue.

You could download and try out ISObuster, which I think would be able to see the disc contents even though your drive says otherwise.

OK, open up devicemanager and check for problems.

Maybe you should uninstall the ide channels, then restart.

If that won’t help, also delete the Upper & Lower filters (see my sig).