Can't read UDF formatted DVD RAM disk

I am using the special Panasonic DVDRAM drivers (meyudf.sys).
I can’t access files recorded on a UDF1.5 DVDRAM disk.
The data where accessible until I decided to get rid of the RAMASST.exe process and trying to write the DVDRAM wasn’t the right thing to do.
I’ve already tryied to recover the data using CDRoller but the results are far from adequate. :frowning:
The basic folder structure is simply not there anymore (TOC corrupted?) and most of the recovered files are unreadable. :sad:

Any help greatly appreciated.

You could try ISOBuster that has been able to read many dodgy discs for me in the past.
If you have not already done it you need to make sure that RAMSST.exe is working in the background.