Can't read some of the sessions on the CD

Someone had had their backup done incrementally on the CD, from what I have seen there seems to be a total of 8 sessions on the CD, only the last one is visible when browsing in windows.
Using Nero save tracks + WinISO I was also able to extract the first session as well, but nero wouldn’t save any other track.
How can I recover the remaining six tracks, they’re physically there as you can’t remove data from CD-R so I guess there is a way?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. If neccessary or useful I can create an image of the CD and put it somewhere online, it’s 340MB uncompressed, but how should I proceed to make sure all the session data is there? Is alcohol 120% sufficent for this?

have you finalized/closed the disc yet?

Try IsoBuster

Hi, I’ve had a very similar problem passed to me. I have got a CD-R that has two session on it according to ISOBuster but the neither appear to have been closed properly.
I tried closing the sessions with Nero but failed.
Then tried extracting the data (photos) with ISOBuster, even though I have a registered copy it says I need to register to use the extract feature. Have tried another CD-R and had no trouble extracting.
Have tried looking for a forum for ISOBuster but not found one.
Can anyone assist?

Google for “isobuster forum”, and read whatever you find.

i am experiencing the same problem with nero…i used ISO Buster to recover the lost multisessions and then saved them to my hard drive…as often as i try, i lose data when i multi session with nero…hope this helps…cheers