Can't read Robots

New to this site. I use AnyDVD in conjunction with CloneDVD. I cannot get my DVD ROM (Samsung SD-616T) nor my Plextor 708A to read the DVD Robots. I tried with AnyDVD installed and uninstalled. The drives act like there is nothing there. I put the DVD into my home DVD player and it played fine. Any ideas on how to get either the Sumsung or Plextor to read Robots?

what version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2? and is that the genuine Elby cloneDVD?

AnyDVD CloneDVD Again, both drives act like there is nothing in them when I insert the “Robots” disk. They won’t read the disk as they do not think there is anything in the drive. My Plextor PX 708A has the most recent firmware 1.11 and when it tries to read the disk, the yellow light finally comes on and blinks twice then pauses and blinks twice again. The Samsung drive (ROM only) light just goes off and quits spinning. Kinda weird has when I put the disk into my home progressive DVD player, it plays.

DVDs are supposed to be watched, which doesn’t seem to work. Bad disc. Give it back.

…so since my progressive scan DVD player can read the disk and my plextor and samsung on the computer cannot , you’re saying the disk is bad?
Would this be the concensus of everyone else???

I have backed up Robots using DVDShrink without issue. AnyDVD was not even active. No special protections were evident. I suspect you have a bad disk.

thanks everyone. I shall return the disk and get another. I shall advise either way.