Can't read PLUS media *anymore* (minus works fine)

Suddenly, my DVD burner (Sony DVD RW DQ-G120A) has problems reading DVD plus media. It can burn and verify pluses, but can’t read them anymore. Others can read plus media that I burn.

I have the very same burner, firmware, OS (W XP SP2) and SW (Nero for the past 2 years and during that time I’ve burnt about 400 Verbatim DVDs (~150 plus) without any problems.

I am suspecting laser but am going to try to first clean the lens and then (if that won’t help) buy the new burner.

Try updating Nero.

But it’s the very same Nero I was using for the past two years. And the burner can’t read [B]any[/B] plus media anymore, even if somebody else burned it. How could Nero affect [B]reading[/B]?

Besides, the only versions I would use are and

@ Chupo_cro,

Suggest ensuring that your DVD BURNER (Sony DVD RW DQ-G120A) has the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed.

Also ensure that you don’t have any type of Virtual Drive software program such as Alcohol 120% and/or Daemon Tools.

Concerning N e r o version 6 -> If you desire to use N e r o version 6 the most current up to date version of N e r o version 6 is N e r o v6.6.1.15 ->


The firmware is the same as it was with all of 400 burned DVDs that worked until just a few days ago. So I am 99.9% sure it’s a hardware problem. [B]However, I am not sure if there are two lasers, one for reading DVD+ and the another one for reading DVD- media? If there are two lasers, It would explain everything.
Nero might be the newest 6.x.x.x version but and are the most stable ones (as far as I know).

Recently, the DVD tray stucks when pressing [B]eject[/B] after more than a minute since last ejecting. It stucks only at the first attempt of ejecting regardless if the media is or isn’t inside the device. After the tray opens, I can cloce and open it as many times as I want, but after a short delay (maybe a minute, until the motor stops?) the tray stucks again.

I wonder if this is somehow connected with the reading problem :-/

It sounds to me that your drive is slowly deteriorating. It may be worth it to get a new drive, just in case the drive decides to die completely.

As far as I know, there are only 2 laser diodes in a drive- 1 for reading all CD media, and 1 for reading all DVD media. You may try opening the drive and cleaning the lens over the laser with a Q-tip [cotton swab that won’t leave behind fibers] and pure rubbing alcohol. Do not saturate the cotton swab with alcohol; simply moisten it a bit, then dry the lens off after cleaning it with a new, dry cotton swab.

With the drive open, you may also check the spindle [the thing on which discs spin] to see if there is any gunk or the like that might be preventing the drive from properly ejecting.

I cleaned the lens and some mechanical parts too. DVD+ didn’t work [B]at first [/B]try, but later the burner started to recognize all media again. However, it looked to me that reading was quite slower with pluses than minuses.

After some more testing, everything works fine again, all media is recognized as it should be and the reading speed is OK.

And the problem with tray has gone also. Thanks to all for the help!

Looks like I am not the only one with the exactly the same problem:

You were right, the drive is now death :slight_smile: It was OK until a few days ago but there was a problem with door (hard to open when the disc was inserted). I’ve fixed the door but the drive does’t even try to read any media anymore :-/ This wasn’t the first time I’ve had a problem with the door, last time I fixed it (cleaned the mechanism) and everything was fine.

I’m looking for a new burner now…

G120A…the drive is now death

this was my first dvd burner. the spindle went out. :frowning:

Today I’ve bought Pioneer DVR-116DBK:

I am not sure what exactly does mean: ‘The spindle went out.’, does it mean your burner eventually malfunctioned?