Cant read PCD-R created by MVC-CD300

Greetings all,

I have multiple Pocket CD-Rs created by an MVC-CD300 digital Camera. All have data on them, but when I stick it into my CD-RW (or CD-R) Drive, Win2000 asks me to insert a disk into the drive. WinXP merely thinks there’s nothing on the disks.

Some drives on other computers are able to read the data (non of my computers can read it however). I had one computer that could read the data, but then I had to replace the CD-R Drive, and now the new drive can’t read the disk.

Using IsoBuster, I can get at the information (on any computer). I see the following:
F:[1,0] TDK CDRW161040X 5.32

  • CD
    …- Open Session 1
    … Track 1 LBA 0 720.00 KB (note: this track is reserved)
    …-Track 2 LBA 512 47.24 MB
    …-(udf) MV_20030915
    …+DCIM (contains pictures in sub folders)
    …+MSSONY (contains more pictures in sub folders)

Is this a limitation of the Hardware? Anyone have any suggestions to get around this, or hardware to purchase in order to be able to read the disks?