Can't read part of the dvd on computer

I have started backing up my dvds and i have come over a situation that i have no idea of what to do.

I tryed to use dvd decrypt to get the dvd to my hd but was unsucessful, read the dvd using shrink but durring the anlaysing procedure (failed).

Can anyone teach me how i can solve this.




I was able to get the dvd to hd using super dvd copy but wasnt able to backup using shrink or clonedvd. The dvd is over 4.7gb (7.65gb)

Check the files Super DVD Copy actually copied to HD, play the individual VOB files. It may have copied garbage. I would be bold enough to say if DVD Decrypter cannot copy it, then no other ripper can, simple as that.

Clean the DVD surface even if you think its clean, with some alcohol on a tissue.