Can't read (or write?) high-speed CD-RW disks

After, seemingly, successfully writing data files (Nero states that it was written successfully, anyway) to a high-speed 12X CD-RW disk (Memorex) with my Lite-On LTR-48125W (BusLink) drive, I go to read the disk and there is nothing on it. Nero shows that the medium is empty and Windows explorer shows nothing. This happens even when I write to the high-speed disk at a slower 4X or 8X speed.
This does not happen with the older and slower 4X CD-RW disks–they record and read fine.
What could be causing this? Are the 12X Memorex disks incompatible with this drive? I flashed the latest firmware (8) on to this drive and have the latest ASPI drivers installed on my computer, but that did not help.
Any suggestions, concerning this matter, would be appreciated.


This won’t help you much, but I have a LiteOn 52X24X52X and I am able to write to, and read from, Verbatim Ultra Speed 16X-24X CDRW disks. No problem at all.

The Memorex RW discs are among the worst on the planet. wouldn’t surprise me if you got a particularly bad batch.