Cant read one type of cds

hello i am new here i have a problem with some cds i burned a long time ago.Here is the problem i burned that cds with the program easycd creator and when i first bought the laptop i was able to read that cds, but now that i tried to read them it doesnt work anymore, it just appears the icon of a cd but without any data, 0 free space, 0 total size,its the same laptop,the reader its a matshita ujda730,i search the type of cd and its RAW type file system and i can only read a CDFS type i look for an update to the reader but i didnt find one.Can anyone help me?
And i was able to read then when i first bought the laptop
i can read any other cd or dvd, but that ones i cant, are memorex,in my other computer i can read that cds

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There can be quite some reasons why these discs cannot be read. The most likely is that your media has degraded during the years. That doesn’t imply that your media isn’t usuable at all; it might be that other readers can use the media just fine. The reader in your laptop ain’t the best on the planet (sorry, I know… got such a drive too) and really doesn’t know how to handle somewhat degraded media. The best would be to try your media in other drives and see what happens. If that works, it could be wise to backup those discs on another computer.