Cant read my rip from my DVD..plz help

Im backing up my friends media assignment where they made their own movie. Problem is i cant rip it back into my hard-drive…DVD decrypter says it can’t rip the sectors, it has message saying there is a sector retrival error …ive tried imagging it and alcohol 120% says there is something wrong with retrieving sectors…i assume it is media error or really crappy burn. Is there a away i can revive or copy the files out again??

Best regards

Oh yeah my litey can manage to rip some of the files…however at speeds of 0.6X

Your ONLY hope is to find a more tolerant reader. I have three different DVD drives in the house, and my wife’s combo drive is pretty darn tolerant - reads through errors that others can’t.

But that’s your only hope. :frowning:

In the event that the data is important enough to get back even if it’s a bit mangled, a program called BadCopy helps.