Cant read my dvd



:confused: Hi guys,this may be stupid,but i have a prob. It was my birthday recently,and my friend was in hong kong or bangkok. Anyway he bought me a dvd for my bday. Now i cant read it,now i know about the regions,but most of those dvds he bought werent originals. But this one kinda looks like a original. Its “Chainsawsally” sounds and looks weird so i really wanna see it :stuck_out_tongue: .
My dvd rom`s region is 2,and im afraid of firmware updates. I have software like dvd ghost and dvd region free,but it still wont work. So i was hoping that you guys knew of a program that would detect the region and protection. Please help me :sad:


you said, “i cant read it”; does that mean that you can’t see the dvd video files on the disc at all? i’m talking about the vob/ifo/bup files. to directly answer your question about viewing a disc’s region, try using DVD Decrypter.


Yip,i cant see the disc. And DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter Cant find a disc either. In my explorer if i click on my dvd-rom it says insert disc. But when i reinsert the disc the rom start running and running,i even get the hour glass by my mouse pointer. But then it all just stops and it doesnt read the disc :frowning:
And the disc isnt damaged.


if you can’t even view the files listed on the disc, then the disc is probably completely unreadable.


shit :a . I was kinda lookin forward to watchin that movie.
Oh well shit happens.
Thanx anyway AZImmortal :smiley: