Can't read multisessions

i’m having a problem with making multisession dvds. if i burn some things onto a dvd, and then burn some other stuff later, my dvd player can only read the first batch of data. anything burned in the multisession doesn’t show up, like it’s not even on the disc. can anyone tell me what i’m doing wrong? :confused:

i have the same problem, it seem when you create a multisection disc it can’t be read after the burn. After all if you are using DVD-R or DVD+R media , it can onlywrite on once!(so multisection will not work here)!! so if you want to use the multisection, use a DVD rewritable (or CDRW) instead.

multisession doesn’t work with DVD-R /+R? is that true? :?:

hello20: Just a little clarrification on your posting. It is multisession - not multisection. DVDRW and CDRW create a whole host of problems and many CDF members do not recommend using them (especially with the cost of media dropping, especially CD-R).

DVD and CD media can be written as a single session or multisession (where the disc is not closed or finalized). In multisession, you are not rewriting the disc but adding to it.

yeah, i hate RW discs, the quality of the burns is always horrible after about 2 rewrites.

i thought it sounded extremely strange that multisession wouldn’t work with regular DVDs, thanks jeff53404 for clarifying that. maybe i am just doing it wrong, could anyone post the correct method for making multisessions? i’m mostly using cdburnerxp pro on win2k. or maybe it’s just a limitation of my settop player, some cheap philips player, not sure of the model right now, it’s the one that was getting rave reviews a year or two ago for being able to read almost anything, if that helps. thanks for any info

multisession? :confused: haha sorry my bad.

As for media i think DVD media is the best, and about RW being only rewritten 2 times i don’t think that’s true… I have some CDRW and it works fine, i don’t know if i can’t written over it a thousand times but so far it’s over 10 times.

well, i guess it’s depend on the software you use, because i use Nero OEM (software that came with my drive) and create multisessions on my DVD-R and well even my comp couldn’t read it after the burn:(