Can't read multiple sessions (burned with Roxio)

I’m having a weird problem with a DVD+R burned with Roxio 6 on a Pioneer drive. I had an existing session on the disc (about 3 GB) and added another gig of data. I answered Yes to add the data to the existing disc when the question popped up. The DVD burned fine, but I can’t see the files that I added! I can only see the files and directories from the first session.

I can see the new session in ISO Buster, but not in Win Explorer. Very strange.

I think I was able to add new sessions in the past, definitely on CD-R’s, don’t remember for sure about DVDR’s. Any idea what went wrong? Is there any way to fix the disc?

“I answered Yes to add the data to the existing disc when the question popped up”

I haven’t did multi session dvd’s. If they are like CD’s you have to import prior sessions.
Don’t know if thats what you mean by above.

Don’t remember the exact wording of the question, but it was something to the effect of “The disc you’ve inserted contains data. Press yes to add data to the existing disc, or no to eject the disc”, and then there was a prompt warning that I’m about to create a multisession disc. This isn’t new, I’ve went through all these steps in the past with CD-R’s with no problems. But the DVD+R is giving me trouble…

DVD’s can be bothersome with additional sessions. Do you read the DVD+R on the same device that recorded it? If not, let me tell you that DVD-ROM (Non-burner) devices have problems with reading multi-session DVD’s. Also, Windows XP has problem with reading multi-session DVD’s, but that is for many many sessions (I observed it with like 36 - no problem on 2003, but definitely problematic for XP). Also, if you are reading it on the same device, but you haven’t restarted the PC or something like that, sometimes the Operating system (Windows) remembers the table of contents it read for a disc, and does not refresh it when you insert the same disc. This should pass after a reset of the PC, or by trying to read the disc on another DVD burner.

I don’t know if one of these situations matches yours. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hmmm you should have seen the message on v6 import previous session
also for windows xp to properly read multisession dvds you need to have service pack 2 installed which updates the file udfs.sys
I have used roxio to burn multisession dvds for quite a while now and have
neve had any probs with this software . you could also try discjuggler
latest version which is far superior to roxio or nero for data and video and
perfect dual layer burns (my opinion anyway lol ) to recover lost sessions
you will have to extract the sessions individually to your hard disk and reburn to disc

Thanx for the info! That was exactly the problem, I updated the file with the version from the SP, and I can now read multisession DVD that I’ve made! :smiley:

No worries mate glad to help .