Cant read HDD from LG RH7521W in Windows/Linux

Hey Guys,

Im new here and after a good couple of hours of searching ive come up dry. What i wanted to do was to copy all the movies i have recorded straight off the HDD in an LG RH7521W, under windows so i can back it up, edit it, etc.

When i install the drive in Windows, it sees and 80GB Hdd with a 200MB Partition & a 75Gb Partition. However it does not does not reognise the format of the parition and will not let me mount it, read from it, etc.

I mounted it in my Linux box to see if Linux could possibly read the drive, however it doesnt even see any partitions.

Has anyone tried mounting the hdd out of a DVD/HDD Recorder into a computer to read it? Is it possible, do i need any special software to mount the drives, etc??

Thx in advance for your help!!

I’m just guessing, but I bet the drive in your LG is not formatted for Windows in NTFS.

Yeah, well Windows doesnt recognise it as a FAT/FAT32/NTFS Volume, and linux just doesnt detect the volume full stop. Hence why i was hoping someone might have some software that would allow me to read the drive??