Cant read floppy or cd after uninstall nero7



uninstalled nero/incd oem 5
installed nero7 incd wouldnt load properly uninstalled 7 and reinstalled 5
incd works fine if I put a rewritable in the RWdrive incd can use with no problem
both cd drives(one RW one Read only) and the floppy can be seen in my computer but put a cd in or a floppy and it says inaccessible , the strange part is if I put a cd in and reboot I can read the contents but if I change it for another I cant if I then put in a rewritable I have no problem using incd with it
I have contacted Nero support and I can find better ways of wasting my time
If any one can help I would much appreciate it , If I had hair Iwould be tearing it out by now


Nero 7 has several bugs and is considered bloat ware.
Download version and you should be able to use the key from your version 7. This version seems to work the best at the moment.
This is the version most of us prefer.
I should also mention that you download the Nero clean tool to remove all artefacts in your machine before proceeding.
Also welcome.


Thanks for the reply but I understand that there is a bug in 6 which stops it from working properly on XP ,or does this only apply to the early versions of 6
I also understand from a thread on this forum that using the remove tool can make the drives disappear altogether by removing some system files
who need viruses when you can break the operating system without
I will try your advice and see if it works