Cant read dvd's - dvr-109



i went to my frends house and placed a burnt cdr in the dvd burner and it takes forever to read assuming the cd is stuffed. cant take it out as it wont do anything unless i restarted it to take it out.

now we tried to read a dvd and it doesnt detect it at all. then we updated the firm ware and everything and still nothing.

the burner was working fine before i put the cd in but now it doesnt work

anyone know what mite be the problem?

it only reads normal cd’s and not dvd’s


tried to enable n disable the drive too.

any help plz?




Send it in for warranty repair.


Try setting as secondary master with 80 wire ide cable. These two are an absolute must for most newer pioneers. Good luck.



the thing is… it was working fine before i put my cd in :open_mouth:


This is exactly the symptom my 1009 had, and after a call to Pioneer they said “Send it in,” and gave me an RMA number.

It’s not that your cdr caused this to happen—it simply failed right after. After all there is no way to detect that the drive has failed until you try to do something. In my case I wrote two CDs and then the third failed, as did three more CDs. But the drive was able to still read CD just fine. But it would not read DVDs. I didn’t try to burn a dvdr, assuming it would fail.

Pioneer still has the drive, so I have no idea what might have caused it, nor if they’ll even let me know the reason when they send it back.

The bottom line: drives will die. Sometimes, as in my case, when they are only 6 months old. I’ve read of others that failed within a few days of being installed. They are, after all, a highly technical device that is mass produced. At about $50 US, they might be considered a disposable item. Although when it’s your $50, that’s hardly acceptible.


This is the reply i got from pioneer

[I]Thanks for your Questions.

The DVD Writer should be connected on the Secondary IDE port set to Master (MA) and not shared with any other drive (that is NO other drive at all connected on this same ribbon cable). The DVR-109 is connected to the IDE port via an 80 way ribbon cable and that the IDE port is at least UDMA 66 or above. Also that the DVR-109 is not being shared on the IDE port by another drive particularly if that other drive is of a lower IDE specification to the DVR-109. With IDE the performance of the entire port will always default to the lowest common denominator, this is technically the way IDE works.

Also are you using the Software that is recommended for the DVR-109. This is the Pioneer Installation Disc. This is bought Separately to the DVR-109.

Finally, the latest version of Firmware [/I]

i dunno… cant really test it as the drive is at my frends house… think he is pissed at me

thanx for the replies guyz


Well, make it the only drive and see what happens. Newer MOBOs I do not believe default to the lowest of the two. Also check device manager for your settings. Also Check your bios settings to auto and digital audio for your drives in device manager as well as umda4 for your IDE channel.


“Pioneer Installation Disk” ??? Sold separately??? That’s NUTS! They want us to spend even MORE money after all the crap we have to put up with these drives?

Does anyone know anything about this?


Obviously they mean the software coming with retail drives like A09, A09XL/109XL, 509 …

Optical drives not reading burnt media is mostly related to a OS/software config clash.
More info & solution can be found at m$ support sites.