Can't read DVD's created with 5055 on other players



Hello. I’m a recent user of a Liteon 5055GDL+ (summer 2006) . I have stored on the HDD around 30 videos coming from a VHS player. Now I copy them to a DVD.
The whole process works fine including the disc finalization. However the created DVD cannot be read neither by the player on my PC nor by an other DVD player.
I have tried using DV-R and DVD+R discs and got the same problem.
I’m really scared because I do not own anymore the VHS videos and if I can’t copy them on DVD’s that a big loss for me.
Please help.



Did you finalize the discs?




I have a Toshiba DVD player that will play no recordings created by my LiteOn 5005, but they play fine on a Pioneer DVD player. The only solution I’ve found to get LiteOn 5005 recordings to play on the Toshiba is to copy them on the PC onto +R discs with book type set to DVD-ROM which play fine on all players tried including the Toshiba. Copying them to -R discs or +R discs without setting book type to DVD-ROM fails to play on the Toshiba player. Note I use +RW media for intitial LiteOn 5005 recording to avoid wasting media since +RW can be re-used. You might give this a try to see if it’ll resolve your problem if you have a PC burner capable of setting book type.


Thanks for the idea. I will give it a try. Meanwile I have upgraded the firmware to the lastest available on Liteon"s web site. That solves some problems. I can read now the DVD’s on my PC. However I can’t read them on an other DVD player. I will keep you all posted


If you have it use Nero Vision Express to import (in VR format) what you have recorded, onto your hard drive. It will be saved as .mpg. Then just re-encode as DVD Video.


Hi ive had trouble like this with my 5045 but if your computer can read the discs,all you need is any dvd coping software then copy the disc to another disc using rw as most pc copied discs will play on most dvd players.nero, should do it no trouble.