Can't read DVDs after upgrade to Window 7

Uninstalled all software recommened byWindows 7 compatabily program and upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista. I run on a Toshiba Satellite P205D-W7436. It has a TSSTsorp CD/DVD W TS-L 6320 ATA Multi drtive. Now, whenever I put in a recorded DVD, my screne goes dark, then the dreaded bluse screen and shut down. I can write to a new DVD and finish it, but re-introducing that DVD to read it results in the same failure. I can read and write CDs without problem. I have reloaded drivers for the drive with no change. HELP! Anyone else experience this problem? or know of asolution. The Windows Solutions site just tells me to re=load the driver.

update your display adapters: Nvidia or A.T.I. off of their website,not through Toshiba or Windows
update your DirectX runtime enviroment from Windows Download Center

if that doesn’t work
update your codecs,search for “Win7codecs 2.1.5 Final” by Shark007