Cant read dvd-rw

i have a pioneer dvr-ao4 the problem is
hven i have burned a dvd-rw i cant read it
in an other dvd drive can some one help
me ???

Which drive? Which media?

DVD-RW made by Optodisc, Pioneer, Princo etc are crap media. I tested several media against several DVD-ROMs, and the only media that was read in all tested drives were Verbatim.

it is a liteon dvd-rom ltd 163d
and the media is a princo
if i youse a dvd-r it works fine ?a princo to

Princo is the worst dvd media available. I can understand that your drive can’t read it (and neither can Toshiba 1502, Toshiba 1402, LG 12x or LG 16x read this princo dvd-rw crap, while all of them read Verbatim)

yes but howecome that it can red the dvd-r ??(princo)

Maybe they’re not as crappy as dvd-rw. Don’t forget that dvd-r is completely different from dvd-rw as to the way it is recorded.

ok tanx fore your big help i must go bye
some verbatim now tanks fore you god suport

Datasafe dvd-rw are tops
i bought 60 at 89p each
the 15 i have written work perfectly in my liteon 163

i had huge problems reading bulkcrap and white label dvd-r
in the liteon 163

ok wat place dit you bye them ???

get em here

both selling around 89p each