Can't read DVD+R

I bought a Philips DVDR3390 DVD player/recorder afew years ago. Until 3 days ago it played every disc I put in.Now it can’t recognize the DVD+R anymore, but still reads the other types.Doesn’t matter how old the DVD+R disc is, old/new - no chance, but 4 days ago everything was fine.
I already installed new firmware(same vers.which was on it), no change.
Does anybody know what that could be?

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Does this happen with blank or burned DVD+Rs? Does an error show up on screen/on the display?

I had a Philips DVD recorder show similar symptoms after a year and a half’s use. Updating the firmware had no effect, as in your case…

Whenever I put a burned DVD-R/DVD+R into it, it would display “Empty Disc”, as though the disc was blank.

Only discs it would play successfully in the end were DVD RWs (with data on - empty DVD RWs always showed “Disc Error” :doh: ).

I did comtemplate opening it up, and either manually cleaning, or even swapping out the drive completely, but in the end just bought a new unit as I couldn’t be bothered messing about with it ;).

Have you tried cleaning the lens? First thing I would try is a lens cleaning disc.