Can't read DVD+R

I’ve got a disc that refuses to be seen in my NEC3500 writer. WinXP just says ‘insert disc in d:’

I been given a DVD movie to watch. I can watch it on my home set top player, but when I put it into my PC the DVD writer (NEC 3500ag f/w1.18) won’t even see the disc. I’ve tried it on a couple of other drives one see it (Philips 8631)the other doesn’t (NEC3520).

Using the Philips drive I copied the DVD from the +R disc to a -R disc and can now see and play it. Why couldn’t I see the +R disc?

While trying to get to the bottom of the problem, I have come across the fact that the NEC3500 firmware does not allow bit setting for +R. So I changed it to Mad Dog 2FD (as this does allow bitsetting).


  1. Why can’t my :eek: PC see the disc?
  2. Was changing the firmware a sensible step?
  3. What setting should the booktype for a +R be set to?
  4. What should I do to see this disc in my PC?

I sure there are people on this forum that understand all this stuff, I’ve only scratched the surface and am now lost as to the next step.

My system
Win XP sp2
ASUS A7N8x deluxe m/b
AMD XP3200 Athlon
512MB 3200 dual channel
160Gb 7200rpm SATA HDD (2 x 80Gb striped)
DVD writer NEC3500ag f/w mad dog 2FD (set an primary master)
CD writer ASUS CRW 4824a (set as secondary master)

Without knowing how the disc was made, it would seem that there are enough errors on the disc to make it unreadable on the NECs. They are fantastic burners but poor readers.

Updating the firmware is a good way to get bitsetting, I have done the same and it makes good sense. I would set the bitsetting to Auto.

I would rip the disc to a hard drive on a machine that will read it and then burn it over.

I believe the disc was taken from a dual layer (DVD) format and copied onto the +R.

As for the Auto setting, I didn’t see it as an option for this version of firmware. Maybe I was using the wrong windows application to carry out the change. I was using NECwinflash software and changing the Book type.

Is there a better option?