Can't Read Dvd-r With My Pc Back Up Data

Hi folks…I am really sweating here. I backed up all my data (documents, pics, etc) on a DVD-R using Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 using a DVD burner and now when I insert the DVD-R on a DVD drive of any PC the data can not be read.
Problem is I deleted all my data from the hard drive assuming it had all been copied just fine before I checked to make sure. (1st lesson learned).
I then looked up some sites that do disc recovery but the prices are outrageous (2-3k).
Please, please I beg all solutions and suggestions, all my life is on that disc which can’t be read now. :Z

have you tried inserting the disk into the drive and looking at it with with the software you used fro roxio? Did you use classic or drag to disk? Also have you posted on roxio forum site to see if anyone there has had this problem and found a fix? Without knowing which one of easy creator software you used hard to answer.

You can download badcopypro and run it which will let you know if you have any info on the disk but will not allow you to recover without paying for it.

There’s a little freeware tool unstoppable copier, especially for
recovering data from bad medias. I don’t know if this would helps trying to
open the files with this tool, but you could try it.
They’re also a lots of file recovery tools for the hdd, but at the moment
I don’t know an easy handling freeware tool for hdds. :wink:

Thanks for your reply. I used Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 and saved the data to disc using Creator Classic. I have looked at their support page but don’t see any post related to unreadable DVD discs after saving data. Someone mentioned some data may have gotten corrupted in the process and therefore can not be read now…
Any tips?..

One of the best, if not the best, tools for the job:

I’ll second that. If the problem is readability of the disk (rather that corupt data being written properly), iso buster is one of your easiest and quickest solutions to try first. If it works, I would suspect the quality of the media you used. Use this program to read the media code off the disk and post the results.
Maybee we can steer you towards some beter media.