Can't read dvd-r on sh-d163

I think I have a similar if not same issue!!

I recently purchased a Samsung DVD-ROM SH-D163A SATA drive. However it’s got a really strange problem - it will read all formats of DVD media that I’ve tried, but has a problem with DVD-R that has a boot sector! So DVD-Video format won’t work, bootable DVD software discs won’t work either. However, the same type of media works fine if it’s just data on the disc (ie not bootable)!
But bootable DVD+R media works! I have good quality TY DVD-R discs and find it really strange that they kind of work. Whats more, if I put a bootable DVD-R disc in the drive the icon of the drive in Windows changes to indicate there is a disc inserted, but when I click on it, it says Access Denied (not that it couldn’t read the disc). I’m using Vista, but it won’t work in the BIOS either (When trying to boot OS DVD for example).

I’ve checked the firmware for the drive and I have the latest version, updated motherboard drivers etc. How can a drive just have a problem with -R bootable media when the same media works if it’s not bootable???

Surely it couldn’t be the power supply??? I have 380W and else everything is running fine… and Core 2 Duo’s are supposed to use less power!

Before you go replacing your power supply, try the capacitor trick that people here have been using to get their Samsung drives to read -R disks. It will only cost you a few dollars and it might solve your problem. You can read about it in this post, with how/to details in the following posts:

Also try connecting your drive with another power connector from the PSU or with a connector dedicated exclusively to the S182.

Thanks for the replies. So can this really be so associated with power issues?? I don’t understand how that matters so much. Surely if it doesn’t have the right amount of power it wouldn’t work end of…not just have an issue with a certain type of disc… and only bootable discs!!

Also that thread is about a different type of drive…does it apply to my DVD-ROM???

This is very very strange…


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