Can't read dvd+r DL

:sad: I have toshiba 1802 with the latest firmware 1051 to a windows xp sp2.It doesn’t read DL…any ideas what is going on?At toshiba site they say that the the 1051 makes it able to read dvd+DL(from info tool i can see it).So do I have to change a setting at windows?Any ideas?Please I am desperate.

I hope you are not trying to read a BLANK DL with it, do you?!?!

No.Any other ideas?I want to smash the f**** DVD
Do you have this DVD and if yes does it reads DL?

Have you changed the booktype?

Look I want to be clear I am a newbie ok.When I write the DL I have to change the booktype?If yes why?I am telling this because the Toshiba is able to read DL.

Some other Toshiba DVD-ROMs could not read +R media booktyped to DVD-ROM…

Thanx my friend for your replies.One question.When I write a DL do I have to change the booktype to DVD-ROM?

The booktype changing is good for higher compatibility with drives that cant read +R/+R DL.