Can't read DVD-R can read only original DVDS (LG GH22LS30)

[qanda]This thread is about the LG GH22LS30 - Internal 22x SATA Super-Multi SecurDisc, LightScribe. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello! I have a weird problem with my dvd recorder…
Recently i upgraded my computer with a new motherboard and cpu.
My motherboard model is Asrock AOD790GX/128M and cpu Phenom 9950. Since then i have this problem that my dvd burner reads only original dvds and not those that are recorded. I had the nec 3500A and i thought that it was a hardware failure of that drive so i replaced the old drive with a new LG GH22LS30 22x internal dvd writer. To my suprise even after the replacement my drive couldn’t read any recorded media but originals. Nero reports a max writing speed of 4x instead of 22x. That got me thinking so i took both drives my old one and the new one and installed them on an older pc i have where they worked perfectly recognizing and writing all discs. After some research i concluded that it’s not my Vista installation since i can’t even boot to a bootable linux live dvd which i can with the same drive, same dvd old pc. So it must be somethin in the bios. I checked the dma mode windows is reporting and it’s reporting Ultra DMA 5. On Asrock bios it says PIO MODE 4 , Async DMA Multiword DMA2, Ultra DMA 5 and at the bottom it has the options to change PIO and DMA which i did restarted and nothing was changed. So after all i’m left here having no clue of what could be wrong… i just wish it’s not a faulty motherboard :sad:
I would gladly appreciate any advices!

What is even more weird is that i installed an old IDE player that i had laying around Toshiba SD-m1612 and it can read perfectly all my disks. If i don’t find anything till monday i’m sending computer to service to check motherboard…