Can't read dvd on sh-s182M



I burn many dvd -r with my driver samsung sh-s182M (odd: sb00 - up to sb01 - up to sb03 and up to sb04). I can’t read this dvd.
I try read this dvd on other driver : I can !
I try connect drive onto another PC, and i can read my dics.
I reconnect the drive on my pc. The problem reapear.
I load default bios parameters on my motherboard, but i have the same problème. I don’t understand. My motherboard is an Asus P4p800e deluxe.

Someone have an idea ?


Uninstall software that may be interfering with your drive (virtual drive software like Daemon or Alcohol).
Remove upper and lower filters.
Try with a bootable DVD-R.


I have already reinstall my xp. not good
I have already bootable dvd. can’t boot whith.
I try to boot whith dvd+rw : i can !

Any idea ?


That makes no sense.
Either it can boot from dvd or not.


I try to be clear. But my english not good.

I can’t boot with dvd -R but i can with an other dvd +RW.

When i insert any DVD-r with data in windows. The system indicate that dvd -r insert is a blank cd.

i don’t explain.


Hi and Welcome!

Some SH-S18x series drives have problems with DVD-R. You may read this thread here:
So, if possible, use DVD+R media. As the Samsung automagically sets the booktype to DVD-ROM, there shouldn’t be problems with standalone DVD players. Or return the drive and get something else, if DVD-R is important for you.



Then the problem is with the DVD-R, not because it is an DVD-R but because it is an not proper burned media or content.


Thank’s… but this dvd-r can read an another pc.
And when i try this dvd on my samsung installed in other pc : that’s good.
Many and many dvd -r can’t be read on my pc with my sh-s.


I have the same problems like you.
I change the power supply with bigger one(450w) and now it’s work.