Cant read dvd data on nec 1300a

I have just started burning dvd’s on my nec 1300a, but the player will not read the data or film that I have just burned. They read and will play on other PC’s and DVD players.

Basic info:

windows XP sp1
Nero 6
Firmware 1.9
ritek go4 -r disk

It will burn cd data and music ok and will also read them ok.
It will also read Original DVD disk Films, Cover disk etc
I have looked for this problem in the forum but hav’nt found anyone having the same trouble.

plz plz plz before I crack up…


Welcome aboard!

Hmmm this is a somewhat strange problem I must say. If I understand correctly, your 1300a can actually read data DVD/CDs, but non of the discs that are burned on the writer…?

If so, I’d advice an update of the writers firmware. You can get them from Herrie’s website (both original and hracked firmwares).

Good luck!