Can't read DVD after burn, but can on another computer

I am trying to burn a data DVD-R and seem to have a successful burn, but cannot read my own disk. On another computer, it reads OK.

I have tried using both Nero 6 and Recordnow DX. I have also tried single and multisession, Joliet or Joliet + UDF.

I have a Toshiba SD-R6112F with 1F32 firmware - does not seem to be any firmware upgrade.

SLA is installed and works fine on DVD-RW disks.

I have tried turning off ‘write to CD’ property and turning off IMAP CD-burning service.

I also tried to turn off DMA, but it was not in the device properties (in the hardware device manager).



Multisession on DVD is no good idea in most cases.
Stay with UDF/ISO Filesystem also, can avoid much trouble.