Cant read disk

hi everyone, my dvd recorder is a LG GSA-H62N super multi dvd recorder. I have been using dvd shrink with nero do to all my dvd backup until recently when the final disk of a tv series wouldnt open in shrink i.e. invalid dvd navigation structure, so i searched the net for some answers and tried a few different things like anydvd and dvd decrypter which wouldnt recognise the disk, then magicdvdripper as a last ditch effort. As i didnt really know what i was doing, something along the way has now made my drive unable to recognise any disk at all, not even to explore the disk or play it through vlc. Im now not sure how to fix the recognising of disks problem, and eventually how to burn the last disk of the season. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Verify the drive is still properly recognized. Check in Device Manager and ensure it doesn’t have a yellow !. Also ensure it is still using DMA. Uninstall all of the apps you were testing. You can use DVDFab Decrypter for RIPing the discs. You can then use DVD Shrink to alter the output if needed. Then burn using ImgBurn.