Can't read disc directory after burning


Hope someone can help with this query. I am using Nero with Windows XP. When I burn a CD, Nero tells me that both burning and data verification have completed successfully. However, when I try to double-check by reading the files I have just burned on to the CD in Windows Explorer, it tells me that the disc is blank. If I take the disc out of the drive and put it back in again, it still tells me it is blank. However, if I shut down and restart the computer and then try to read the disc, everything is OK - I can read the disc directory and open the files on it.

Any suggestions - thanks.

pgray: No suggestions yet, but I’m having a similar problem…This is with new
Plextor PX-712A burner on several different DVD+R and DVD-R media. Nero ( burns fine and verify’s without error, but when I verify, roughly the
first half of the DVD is fine but the 2nd half appears corrupted. These are
with JPG files. I’m not on XP yet but using Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 4 and most patches. InCD with DVD+RW works fine.


This Microsoft Knowledge Base Article may (or may not) be relevant:;en-us;321640&Product=winxp