Can't read data from DVD-R

okay…so, i was copying some data from burned dvd-r to my hard disk, when suddenly my pc accidentally got cut off from the power supply.
after starting the pc again, i opened up the dvd drive but it showed that it was totally blank, no data on it… total size 0.00 kb, used space 0.00 kb.
i ejected it and put it back in several times but it wudnt give…tried other discs, and they all worked. i dunno if it’s a windows problem (using windows 7), or if the dvd’s done for or what…
so…yeah. that pretty much sums it up :expressionless:

A couple of things you can try .
If you have access to another computer (most of us do). Try this disc in it.
Get the trial of ISOBuster & see if it can extract any files from the problem disc.