Cant read cds

i have a lite-on dvd+rw sohw802s drive. it cant read cds anymore.

The cd and DVD laser are seperate so there is a good chance the one for CDs has died.
About $45 will get you current Liteon drive from

but i bought my new pc in october 2004.

Well, I can send you my Pioneer 107 which quit reading DVDs and only now reads CDs but I still think you would be better served with a new drive. The quality of the writing and media choices make it worth while. I have never actually heard of a Liteon 802 but it is probably the same generation as my old 812s (also dead). Trust me, if I had my 812 still working, I would never burn anything with it.

Burners are much better now.

Wow, I’d like to have that drive just for pushing it’s hardware to the max…
But sadly you are in .us and surely you have better things to do with it than sending it away. :flower:

If you want to pay shipping, it’s yours.

update on my problem: my drive can read cds, its just that it cant read all kind of CDs. I tried an audio disc(it worked), a data disc(it worked), and when i tried a lens cleaner cd, it refused to read. is the laser responsible to write cds?cz i cant write CD-Rs either.