Can't read CDRW on Windows 98

At home I put some mp3’s onto a Memorex 700MB CD-RW. I formatted the disc using Nero’s InCD and I’m using Windows XP. When I put the disc in at work it won’t recognize anything on it. It just says it’s blank. I’ve got the same version and everything of Nero and InCD at work that I do at home. The only difference is that it is Windows 98. I put in another CD-RW disc that someone had laying here and the computer reads it fine. Another computer here has XP and I put my disc in on it and it read it fine.

Just wondering if anybody knows why I can’t read it on the Windows 98 computers and if there’s anything I can do so it will read it? This computer has a Philips CDD3610 CDRW and I just updated the firmware.

Well, this looks to be the possible problem I’m having.;en-us;Q320174&

Anybody know if there’s something you can do on Windows 98 to get it to read it right now?

I’m not sure why it’s doing that, but here’s a possible work around.

Burn the cd without using InCD. Just use Nero to burn it like any other disc. It should be readable between Win98 & XP. Of course to add to it, you’ll need to copy the mp3’s back on the hard drive, erase the disc, then burn it again including the new tracks.

It sounds like “jumping through hoops to re-invent the wheel” but it will work.

That article from Microsoft looks like it should work too.

Does InCD burn each file like a separate track?
Some hardware (and software too) have trouble reading multi session and multitrack recordings, so I agree to try to burn all mp3s with nero.

Just create a DATA CD and dump all the mp3s there, it works fine.
You didn’t mention if your record used CD Text or if you used folders to separate mp3s from different bands. I have a mp3 player that supports this indexing, but it might be a headache for some.

Hope this helps a little.