Cant Read CD

hello, I was having sime problem with a CD. I was hoping you could help. When I put a “Vitamin C” the light goes on and make sounds. But nothing pops up no what I would like to do with this media disc. I would like to point out that it works with other audio discs and they are read. except thtis CD cannot be read. I do not know if it is copy protec but I guess it couldn’t scan it as the copy protection? when I bought it, it was listed as a enhanced CD. I tried A - Ray and that didnt scan. Other Cd’s work. Any ideas. I am trying to rip ot. WMP 11 wont recognize it. It is only this ine. Any help is apreciated,


Have you tried going to My Computer and with the CD in the drive, right click on your CD drive and select Explore. Do you see any files listed and if so what are they.

I just tried that and the windows crash (That window (Not Respondning) I see nothing. It even allows me to click it when there is no disoc in drive. It is just that CD. Then the drive letter disappears until I restart. Once again, i thank you.

Well, I don’t really know what to suggest other than trying it in another computer if you have access to one. Maybe it’s just a bad disk, I don’t know. If you can tell us a little about your computer. What OS, is this a name brand and if so what is the make and model #, do you know the manufacturer of your CD drive?